Algo8 Process

Algo8 Process is Algo8 AI's flagship Process Optimization product.

It is an AI-based Process Optimization tool to improve visibility around operations; this enables advanced capabilities that minimize any inefficiencies and streamline workflows for industrial establishments. Leveraging predictive analytics, the solution foresees industrial requirements for spares and other inventory, based on data-driven analysis and monitoring.


Sub-optimal & manual product quality screening procedures

Lack of insights to pinpoint pain-points and hiccups in operations

Limited visibility of equipment parameters in real-time

WHY Algo8 Process

Reliable 360 degree view

Plug n Play; Easy to deploy

Flexible and Scalable

Highly Customizable


Asset health index

OEE improvement

Increased lead times for corrective action

Accurate workforce estimations

Cost reductions

Reduction in number of on-site accidents

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