In the view of the pandemic, Algo8 has made sure it steps up its game to provide enhanced AI-infused solutions to combat the pandemic at an individual as well as at a business level. The benefits of Artificial Intelligence are innumerable, however, its role in providing impetus to business and its activities as well as the country as a whole is the part wherein, we step in.

From liaising with government to associating with business units, we are readily supplying our safety solutions that provide assistance in these trying times. Following are the solutions crafted for you to protect you from letting you fall prey to the virus.

The new normal involves vigilance and compliance

Symptomatic Tracking and Analysis using AI Chatbot 
Automated Fever Screening
Cough and Sneeze Detection
Ensuring Social distancing 
through machine vision
Protection gear compliance
Pedestrian Walk-through Zone
Drone-based Detection