AI solutions to push the frontiers of Industry 4.0

Algo8 AI provides custom-built Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning (ML) solutions to improve operations in large and process-oriented industries. Based on lean IoT setups, computer vision technology, and the versatility of AI-tech, we are able to offer a variety of products for apllications in companies across sectors.

Oil & Gas

Improve real-time visibility over operations, security of industrial assets, and heightened safety for workforce in dynamic working environments

Metals & Mining

Improve on-site safety and security, and enable automated product quality checks to deliver consistent and high-quality output

Cement, Paper, & Pulp

Ensure that safety and compliance regulations are being followed in the workplace to ensure the safety of employees


In fast moving environments, Algo8 solutions are capable of full automated process-compliance checks to minimize production faults


Our solutions cater to a myriad of business-related applications, such as automated employee management, visual analytics for retail studies and so on


There are plenty of processes in the health-care industry that benefit from AI interevention such as zero-contact screening, and management of medical reports


Our solutions enable automated process-monitoring and course correction, since attention to detail is key in this field


For operations of such large scales, our products can deliver suprior energy management to optimize functional costs

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