• Aishwarya Jankar

7 ways in which Algo8 AI is transfiguring Supply chain & logistics

"Deep-learning will transform every single industry. Healthcare and transportation will be transformed by deep-learning. I want to live in an AI-powered society. When anyone goes to see a doctor, I want AI to help that doctor provide higher quality and lower cost medical service. I want every five-year-old to have a personalized tutor.” - Andrew Ng, Co-founder, Coursera and Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University

Algorithmizing your way towards an effective and successful business. Algo8 brings to you an array of AI-based products. With advancements in AI techniques, data consolidation allows the migration of data from several database servers to a central database server helping streamline and smooths the supply chain process. Algo8's AI develops solutions for various industries ranging from healthcare, retail, manufacturing to the food industry.

1. Predictive Capabilities

Catching a hold over supply chain metrics by understanding and formulating trends can enable the business to plan and venture out into the market with precision and preparedness. Our predictive maintenance and inventory management solutions will bring cost-effectiveness and keep the business ahead of the curve

2. Remote sensing-based monitoring

Keeping track of large-scale construction projects like bridge, road, dams etc. on a daily/ weekly basis. This helps us in keeping an eye on the projects and monitoring them closely 3. Logistics Route Optimization

The minute details in logistics can add to the lead time of the activities. The route mapped out for the logistical activities have to be precise and continuously shorten the route and minimize costs 4. Demand Forecasting & Inventory Management

To keep the business ahead of their competition and to be prepared for the uncertain external factors, we help the business to chalk out a trend pattern to determine the demand of the consumers as well as that of the suppliers. Alongside, our products that enable managing inventory can help the business to optimize cost by handling stock well 5. Warehouse Inventory Optimization

Monitoring the warehouse activities and enabling effective measures to ensure optimum utilization of space and resources are some of the benefits that have proven to build a strong logistical function for businesses 6. Shipping Rate Prediction and Dynamic Optimization

Controlling external factors can be difficult, however, with AI you can algorithmize your business trends and craft the probabilities with a peak into the future. Predicting the rates and keeping a hold over the dynamic aspects of the logistical industry can help prioritize the activities in the short as well as long run 7. Workforce Planning & Optimization

Human resource is the spine of an organization. Effective talent management along with keeping a hold on their behaviour and ensuring an optimal level of productivity are the factors that can be controlled via AI activities.