• Aishwarya Jankar

Algo8 solutions to revamp the Renewable Sector

“AI is taking on many new roles in society — becoming our co-worker, serving as a virtual assistant in our homes, operating our cars and more”, says Rana el Kaliouby, a pioneer in AI

1. Improve productivity and overcome the shortfalls

The incorporation of machine learning helps speed up operations and reduces glitches which contribute to the overall efficiency. These attributes ultimately sow seeds for productivity enhancement that eliminates human errors

2. Enhanced security of supply across systems

The solutions provided by the means of AI render the supply system with an accurate supervisor and assistance that enable the smooth flow of operations. Our system creates an ease of control in the monitoring of the plant and streamlines operations with utmost scrutiny alerting the supervisor in case of any probable mishaps or tripping of alarms

3. Algorithmize Forecasting

Technology like data mining and machine learning algorithms help in analysing and forecasting future trends of energy demand with greater accuracy. Our solution helps in predicting the load rescheduling and effective switching of power transmission from renewable and non-renewable source of energy

4. Enhance reliability for accurate results

Forecasting and constant monitoring is a complex procedure for companies to perform. The inclusion of high-level AI tools that drive the system, identify patterns and create trends with the help of data management facilitates the increased reliability on the system for precision in the output

5. Optimize consumption and storage levels

The uncertain dynamics and the unreliable nature of the energy resources, machine learning acts as a boon to the companies in controlling the energy consumption alongside enabling effective storage of the output based on the supply flow

6. Amplifying micro-level engagement

The various units generating energy can be unified and integrated into a whole system so as to promote engagement. This solution enables the companies to avoid micromanaging the different units individually and resolve issues such as congestion, in turn, amplifying overall efficiency

7. Substantial increase in value

All these technological enhancements paired with the assistance contribute towards mitigating the drawbacks and increasing the overall value of operations and revenue for the organisation