ALGO8 SPACE crafting your SAFE journey

In the view of the pandemic, Algo8 has made sure it steps up its game to provide enhanced AI-infused solutions to combat the pandemic at an individual as well as at a business level. The benefits of Artificial Intelligence are innumerable, however, its role in providing impetus to business and its activities as well as the country as a whole is the part wherein, we step in.

From liaising with government to associating with business units, we are readily supplying our safety solutions that provide assistance in these trying times. Following are the solutions crafted for you to protect you from letting you fall prey to the virus.  


Social Distancing solution developed by Algo8 is your new safety officer on the go! This device enables us to measure the appropriate distance i.e. (6 feet or 2 metre) between two individuals and indicates the quantitative measurement of the risk associated with it.

Mask Detection

This AI tool developed by us not only detects the presence of masks on the face, but also calculates the efficiency of it and quantifies the risk present.It enables us to amplify the monitoring activities to enhance our efforts in tracking violators.

Unusual Behaviour/Activity Monitoring

The behavior detection tool enables the supervisor to keep a check on the productivity and movements of the workers to help formulate decisions, take calculative action and quantify performance.

Automated Fever Detection

Our fever detection tool analysis analysis the thermal image of the face of the person and highlight multiple points near their eyes, nose, forehead etc. to detect a temperature change. In case of fever detection an alert is send to the authority within 1 second

Facial Recognition for Attendance .

This tool will be a need of the hour to enable effective up gradation of the attendance activity and also make sure that there is eradication of human contact in doing so. This element will bring in the transformation we have been looking for in the industry to enable AI-fused India marching safely towards industry 4.0.